Posted by: Cap'n Fuzzy | February 11, 2016

The Red Rock Run


A retrospective meandering as I catch up to the present by taking another step back to look at the trip from Thunder Bay to Red Rock in June of 2015. Back, back in time, while we get through another winter.

With my knee behaving badly I wasn’t sure I could sail Hearts Content so we left her on the hard as long as possible while I rounded up some help. Cam, my youngest Son, had just graduated in Environmental Engineering at Carleton, in Ottawa, and was waiting for a visa to visit and work in Australia. Our friend, Jeff, who had helped to rig and sail the boat up from Knife River in Minnesota, squeezed some days to come along and of course Oscar made up the balance of the crew. Sadly, Sam had to work. I think she took one look at the boat and the crew and decided she could do without being ganged up on by “the Boys”.


For a while, at the dock, it didn’t look like there would be room for any of us, at least not inside the boat. Jeff and Brittany dropped by with Jeff’s kit as Cam and I were readying HC at the McKellar Boatworks dock. We had already loaded up with the precut pieces to build the composting toilet cabinet in the head and we were busy dismantling the galley cabinet to install our Dickinson diesel stove. Our clothes, bedding, food etc was piling up on the settees and the quarter berth was crammed. We put the mainsail onto the boom, tied the boat hook and dinghy oars onto the handrails on top of the cabin to get them out of the saloon. Then we fired up the Yanmar diesel, everything seemed normal, so Sam headed out to do some last minute grocery shopping while we motored up to the Marina and tied up at the transient dock.

The rest of the day was a chaotic blend of trying to stow things where we could find them and get close to finishing the installation of both the composting toilet, very important, and getting the stove fired up so we would be able to cook and also provide some heat in the boat.  It was a long winter and cold spring.

Let’s digress to the original toilet and stove on Hearts Content, with brief comments about the toilet on HC37, in Mazatlan.


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