Posted by: Cap'n Fuzzy | February 5, 2016

Somebody Shrunk our Boat


Have to start all over again, again.  Sounds like a metaphor for life: every day we get up and wherever we find ourselves we start over.  Like the weather, the continuum of our lives is auto-correlated so mostly a new day roughly follows the trajectory of previous days.  And like weather there are cycles imposed by external forces and those internal urgings and yearnings which overall determine our inherently chaotic path from month to month and year to year.  Then there are the surprises!  An aquaintance from long ago and far away was fond of replying with a smile to any complaint about life’s vagaries, “It’s all part of the rich tapestry of life!”

He would then duck and dodge the inevitable physical response as it is rarely what you want to hear when looking for sympathy but it IS all a rich tapestry, sad, silly, not often catastrophic, mostly satisfying if you have a sense of humour and every once in a while, perhaps, you get one of those transcendent moments that have such clarity and “rightness” that you say to yourself, “I’m glad I was here for that!”.  At even longer intervals, you may get to turn to another person that you have just shared such a moment with and acknowledge it with a smile or a touch, hopefully not too many words.

Then we go looking for the next one of those moments….

In any case, here we go with the newest restart of the blog.  It will take me a bit to re-learn the mechanics of writing and adding photos again and more importantly, how to make the blog accessible to the wider world.  We have decided to throw it out there onto the internet and see if we can build a bit of a following and at the same time make some coin to supplement my old guy money.   So as I flounder through, comments and advice are welcome, my only caveat being that I am getting old and stubborn and do not always recognize good advice as soon as I should.  A major part of the learning curve will be the whole moderating/commenting interaction thing so please be patient with me.

The title of this entry refers, as can be seen from the picture of our current S/V Hearts Content, a John Cherubini designed Hunter 27 built in 1978 and our first one pictured on the page banner, which was a 1979 vintage Hunter 37.  I suppose I could do several blog entries chronicling the transition from the larger boat to the smaller but for now suffice it to say that the 27 foot boat seems entirely adequate for our needs.  I would be happy to do a post on the similarities and differences between the two vessels if anyone is interested.  It is still a bit odd sometimes being in the smaller boat with essentially the identical layout.  10 feet less overall length and 2-1/2 feet less beam makes for an enormous volumetric difference in interior space.

I think both Sam and I are more comfortable operating the 27 under sail and power as it responds so much more quickly and everything is so much more easily handled, in terms of size and weight.  If there is a downside it is that we have to be a lot more diligent in arranging stowage, organizing what we are doing and so on.  Same issue in small apartments versus large houses;  smaller spaces demand more attention to keeping the clutter to a minimum.  The larger the space I am operating in, the more things I tend to start and leave unfinished before starting something new.  Soon, I find I am making to headway on anything, simply wandering around picking things up and putting them down.  I’m sure that no one else has this affliction and please, let us not get into the whole discussion about whether humans are even capable of multi-tasking or if we really only engage in time division multiplexing.    Tut tut! No discussion until you at least go look up and understand both.



  1. Looking forward to many adventures with you!

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