Posted by: Cap'n Fuzzy | February 5, 2016

More Coffee, please

Pics above are trying the tiled mosaic which doesn’t come up with a toolbar to allow a caption. Sigh!  The ways of the blog are mysterious, Grasshoppa…

The two of Sam are in HC27.  The fuzzy, crusty old fart is me in the ice shack at New Years a couple of years ago.  Note large coffee cups, or clown cups, as I refer to them.  Yes, it gets me a swat every time I do so!  Need to find them in Mexican ceramic colours, as Javier had at his coffee shop and deli at Marina Mazatlan in Mexico.  When we staggered up the dock from HC37, usually late in the morning, he would bring us out two steaming cups in vibrant primary colours.  Wakey, wakey!

I wrote the meanderings below early yesterday.  Just some random thoughts in a document.  Posting it now as I think I just linked this blog to my facebook page!  Want to see if it posts something as I add a blog entry.

I could hear the wind as I woke up. The light snow is swirling past the windows. The house creaks in the gusts but the trees make no sound, just hunch and shrug in the gusts then straighten up again. Now, sitting in bed, I have a cup of coffee and Oscar is stretched out between Sam and I.

Early morning philosophy strikes! Houses and boats are two very different human adaptations to our environment. Duuuh! Bear with me, I am still trying to knead a small ball of thought-dough enough that it will rise and be something. Dangerous trying to think when the metaphors stray to food, means my falling blood sugar is demanding attention, diverting my struggling thought process, not robust at the best of times.

So, how are they different?

Houses completely resist the wind, snow and rain. We take refuge in them and feel protected by them because they are steadfast in the face of the elements. They may creak and groan a bit but the more solidly they are built and the less they react to elemental forces the safer we feel.

Sailboats, on the other hand are much more like the trees. The nature of boats and water means that feeling safe is much more about being comfortable with things moving and changing and less about solidity and massiveness and unmoving strength. It is an acceptance of how tenuous our hold on our place in the world is, symbolized by that thin filament of the anchor or dock line. It is about resilience, and like the Inuit, walking in an Arctic storm, you can only go directly downwind. To go against the wind you must tack back and forth and making progress always takes good navigation and perseverance.

Time for more coffee.

That is my job most mornings, on the boat or on the hard; grind some beans and boil the water.  Brendan and Gizelle gave us an amazing stainless steel and wood hand coffee grinder for our wedding.  More and more, I like to pour the freshly steeped coffee from the french press into the Thermos bottle.  Means you get a second hot cup when the clown cups are not available to just dump the whole pot in at once!


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