Posted by: Cap'n Fuzzy | February 5, 2016

Introducing The Oscar

It’s time.  For gratuitous puppy pictures and stories that is.  For the almost true to life story of Oscar Selkirk, our Adventure Puppy, as we know him, see the link to the children’s ebook story, if I can figure out how to do such a thing.

Oscar is a West Highland White Terrier.  Sam found him online at a breeder’s just south of Winnipeg, MB.  He was the big guy in the litter of five.  We didn’t realize what that meant until he finished growing.  Westies don’t typically weigh more than about 25 lbs apparently, so we had hopes that he would fit in a pet carrier under a seat for air travel.  Ha!  Our little bulldozer topped out at 34 lbs!  His Dad was also a bigger than average Westie so no surprise I guess.  We were most concerned that we didn’t get a timid wee dog that was afraid of it’s own shadow.  The breeder said she picked him as the most adventurous of the litter and now after almost three years we can attest to that!


Oscar at 6 months

We also refer to him as The Oscar, when he is at his most pretentious.  That is usually when he feels the need to regulate the behaviour of squirrels, birds, airplanes, barely heard trains, trucks on the highway and most particularly, the scourge of puppy sensibilities, snowmobiles!  Off he goes stomping through the snow to the end of his lead, his muttonchop whiskers bristling, mumbling and grumbling his throaty, “All right then, you’ve forced me to come out here and bark at your incessant noise!”  And bark he does, long after they are gone sometimes.



Below he is helping Sam by peering over her shoulder and down through the floor and the ice below.  This was after the first fish so he knew exactly what was supposed to be coming up out of that hole!


Pic above was not showing up.  Moved cursor down to see if that helps.  Didn’t seem to help but I forgot to refresh page in browser so I don’t really know what I did??




  1. I remember our little Oscar baby. He has grown up!

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